Summary Overview

      • Work with youth sports organizations and schools to make participation in sports available and affordable for all children
      • Help low income families to pay fees and expenses and to acquire equipment and apparel so that their children may play organized youth sports
      • Heighten public awareness of the importance and benefits of youth sports and encourage increased public support for youth sports programs and facilities

High Costs Prevent Participation: Families with incomes less than $60,000 are 4X more likely to decrease participation in sports due to costs

Detailed Plan

Work Hand in Hand With Youth Sports Leagues
  • Encourage and assist youth sport leagues and teams to provide affordable playing options for all children
  • Provide information and guidance to youth sports leagues and teams on how to support and provide for the equipment and travel requirements of low-income participants
Create a Partnership With School Districts
  • Work with school districts to provide affordable sports participation options for low-income students
  • Advocate the importance of maintaining adequate budgets for school sports
Direct Support
  • Raise money to directly assist low-income children to meet the costs of playing youth sports
  • Work with the travel industry to provide affordable travel options for low-income families
Get Equipment Manufactures and Professional Athletes Involved
  • Enlist equipment and uniform manufacturers to contribute gear to low-income children
  • Ask professional, collegiate and amateur sports organizations and associations to provide financial and equipment support for youth sports, as well as, sponsorships, endorsements, media exposure and branding
Heighten Public Awareness of the High Cost of Youth Sports
  • Educate public officials about the significance of youth sports in the non-school lives of youth. Dedicated revenues for sports programs are an uncommon, but necessary, means to avoid the fluctuations in aid from private and public funding.
  • Increase public and governmental financial support of youth sports programs so that they might provide affordable participation by all children
  • Design programs that revitalize communities as partners in the delivery of sports programs
  • Help communities improve the condition and maintenance of facilities and sites so that they are affordable, attractive and safe for children and families