We Level The Playing Field In Organized Youth Sports!



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Our Mission: To remove the financial barriers to participation in youth sports through advocacy and providing financial assistance.

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No kid should be left off of the playing field!

The Challenge

Sandlot sports and pick up games have disappeared. Youth sports have become pay-to-play. Many of America’s children are being left on the sidelines because their families can’t afford the costs of organized youth sports.

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Our Game Plan

Make organized youth sports affordable & accessible by: Working with youth sport organizations to reduce participation costs and helping low income families with the expense of fees, equipment & other costs.

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Cost of Youth Sports

The costs of playing organized youth sports have spiraled out of control. The expense for one child to play one sport — participation fees, equipment, apparel, and transportation can easily reach into the thousands.

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Get In The Game

Join our team. Help fix the problem of the high costs of youth sports. You can get in the game as a:

1) Financial Teammate
2) Equipment Teammate
3) Volunteer Teammate
4) Services Teammate

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