About Us

Kids Play USA Foundation is a national, charitable organization based in Maryland that was formed to remove the financial barriers to participation in youth sports through advocacy, creative program and financial assistance. Today playing organized youth sports has a price tag. Expenses such as team enrollment fees, equipment and uniform costs, travel and other expenses are often substantial and are beyond the already stretched budget of many families. Consequently, their children are not able to play on organized youth teams resulting in a significant portion of America’s children not being engaged in sports and recreation. They are often idle and alone and their number is growing. Kids Play USA is committed to changing this.

Kids Play USA works to make it possible for every child, regardless of family circumstances, to participate in youth sports. We provide financial assistance to children in need, as well as advocacy campaigns and creative initiatives. We recognize the importance of youth sports and believe that every child should have the opportunity to participate.

Our mission is to provide children with the opportunity to participate in youth sports by providing financial assistance to families in need, raising awareness of the importance of youth sports and advocating for change. We are dedicated to making sure that all children have the chance to play.