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Shut Out: Young Athletes Sidelined By Money


As the chairman of the department of tourism, recreation and sport management at the University of Florida, Michael Sagas had a pretty good idea what to expect when his daughter started playing travel soccer. But even he was taken aback by the tally when her team started playing in regional and national tournaments.

Her latest season, which ended July 24, cost the family $18,115.41, Sagas said. “It’s ridiculous.”

Sagas’ daughter is lucky: Her parents have the resources to make high level soccer happen for her. Yet in soccer and other sports, the rising popularity of expensive club and academy teams and the spread of costly tournaments all over the country, are making it harder for low income youth to participate.

Even school teams are getting more expensive. A study by the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital found that 61 percent of respondents reported paying to participate in middle school and high school sports.

The end result is that a significant share of lower income children and adolescents find themselves shut out of team sports.

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Kids Play USA and the James Mosher Baseball League

Kids Play USA showed our support for our partners at the James Mosher Baseball League by participating in their Opening Day Parade on April 26, 2014. This marked the start of their 55th season.

James Mosher Baseball, a fellow organization that provides sports opportunities to youth, offers baseball opportunities to youth between the ages of 4 through 18. With over 50 adult volunteers on board, James Mosher Baseball is dedicated to sharing the experience of baseball with both boys and girls in the Baltimore area and is one of the oldest African-American youth baseball leagues in the country.

Together with Kids Play USA and our partners at Leveling the Playing Field, 300 mostly underserved youth are provided with equipment and are given programmatic support to participate in this wonderful program.

To learn more about James Mosher Baseball, please visit: http://www.jamesmosherbaseball.org/

Kids Play USA is rolling out our new 2014 Spring and Summer Partnership Pograms

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Mark Your Calendars! Youth Sports Day Sept. 10th at Your Local Greene Turtle Restaurant

For more information about the event please contact:

For more information on the Greene Turtles community involvement visit:

On the Court and Off the Streets

Participating in athletics is not a magical formula to keep youth out of trouble. A troubled teen doesn’t just put on a basketball jersey and suddenly become a perfect child. However, when he or she takes part in an organized sport, practices every day and learns how to become an integral part of a team, they are less likely to fall into trouble. A teenager with too much idle time can be a recipe for disaster.

When playing a competitive sport you are required to practice. Usually these practices take place 3-5 times per week for 2 hours per day. This leaves less time available for a child to get into mischief. Youth who are fully involved in their sport, are less interested in drinking, drugs and or risky sexual behaviors. Female athletes are 65% less likely to become teen mothers, when they are involved in competitive sports. Student athletes are 70% more likely to keep good grades in order to stay on the team.

Sports have the ability to give teenagers a sense of self worth and accomplishment. Many teen athletes illuminate at the thought of doing something that benefits themselves, their friends and their communities. Having a positive outlet keeps children who would otherwise be involved in gangs, etc, a place to build up their confidence, respect for authority, and develop a work ethic. NFL coach Tony Dungy said it best:

When you represent something that is larger than yourself and means something to others, it changes your perspective. It helps you see directly and in a positive way that what you do can have a positive impact on somebody else’s life.”

In today’s society, it is easy for children to fall off a path of success. Nevertheless, when they are a part of a team, they can learn the necessary tools to avoid a troubling road. Going out and becoming a part of the football team or the swimming team will not rid teens of all their problems.  It is not a cure to teen drug abuse, or any other detrimental behaviors, but it definitely gives them an opportunity to stay on the right side of the law.